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Mixdown Magazine Reviews the Radial Key-Largo

The following is a review by Rob Gee of Mixdown Magazine, published on November 30, 2017. The team at Radial Engineering have once again proven that they know how to deliver compact devices that solve issues in your audio setup. It is usually guitar or microphone based devices that they come out with, so it…

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Welcoming Jordan Honsinger of Cold Creek County

Read Time: 1 minute

It’s been a big year for Cold Creek County. They released the Homemade EP, made the front cover of Canadian Musician magazine, and were nominated for 2017 Group Of The Year at the Juno Awards and the CCMA Awards! Perhaps most triumphant of all: their multi-instrumentalist Jordan Honsinger has been added to Radial’s artist roster! Radial Artist Relations…

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Radial SW4™ – A Tool for Many Events

Radial Sw4 CX media

The following was written by Julius Grafton and was originally publish in the November 2017 issue of CX Magazine.  Radial of Canada make a huge range of useful devices, from DI boxes to guitar re-amps. Not only is their stuff well built and tough, but it looks like eye candy too. Getting the user interface…

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Recording Magazine Reviews the Radial Key-Largo

Read Time: 7 minutes
Key Largo Recording Magazine review

The following is a review by Mike Metlay originally published in the September 2017 issue of Recording Magazine. “You see, son, sometimes when a mixer and a stompbox love each other VERY much…” Radial Engineering is in the business of solving problems in the studio, including some problems that recording musicians didn’t know they had….

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Radial keeps it clean on the Blake Shelton tour

Read Time: 3 minutes
Blake shelton radial

With Blake Shelton’s latest tour wrapping up this month, we touched base with FOH Brad Baisley on the Radial gear he chose to take and see how it performed. Turns out Brad and Blake’s bass player Rob Byus considered going in another DI direction, only to come back to the Radial J48. Brad explains: “When…

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How to Reamp for a Perfect Tone

Read Time: 6 minutes
Radial X amp reamp perfect tone

Getting a good guitar tone is easy, settling on the perfect tone is impossible until you can hear it in the context of the mix. A popular adage with recording is “garbage in – garbage out”, implying that you’re doomed if you mess up the tracking process, but what if there’s a way around this?…

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Home Studio Tour: Simple Plan’s Sébastien Lefebvre

Read Time: 4 minutes

In the spring of 2014 Sébastien Lefebvre, guitarist for Simple Plan moved his family to a new home and decided he wanted to build a home studio. He was starting to write and produce more so it made perfect sense to take advantage of the new space. And he did… Starting with—of all things—a simple…

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Electronic Musician reviews the Radial Key-Largo

Read Time: 8 minutes

The following is a review by Stephen Fortner of Electronic Musician magazine in their September 2017 issue. We gigging keyboardists have pretty simple needs in onstage sound support. So why has fulfilling them always felt complicated? For mixing two or three keyboards in stereo and some way to feed our powered stage speaker separately from…

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